Learn, Teach, Volunteer.

Here are some examples of how TC ALLIANCE FOUNDATION volunteer workers help:

Assisting with administrative tasks like data entry, and organizing events.

Providing clerical support, answering phones, or managing emails.

Contributing to research projects, event planning, or outreach initiatives.

Sharing expertise in specific areas to benefit the foundation’s work.

Offering public outreach and education related to the foundation’s mission.

Creating videos, interesting and educational social media groups, and postings.

Conducting local and online volunteer education sessions and meetups.

Creating classes, lessons, informational booklets, flyers, and online content.

Teaching classes for financial literacy: Offering workshops and resources to help individuals manage and grow their own finances and assets effectively.


Training how to use unused assets and spare time to earn cryptocurrency.


  • Volunteers may freely offer their time and skills without expecting compensation or benefits other than their own personal satisfaction. 
  • Work performed should be for charitable purposes: Volunteer activities will align with the foundation’s mission and charitable goals.
  • Volunteer efforts will not directly involve soliciting or collecting donations.  We only accept unsolicited donations.  Volunteers can help promote the foundation’s goals and education and help sell services or products to create income sources. 
  • Training and guidance for volunteers will be provided to ensure proper orientation and understanding of the foundation’s mission and policies.