Learn, Teach, Volunteer.


The specific objectives and purposes of the TC ALLIANCE FOUNDATION are to alleviate human suffering and improve the quality of life in your local area and around the world by

Promoting and supporting management services, fundraising, job training, and vocational counseling.

Promoting and supporting research regarding food, agriculture, and nutrition, farmland preservation, animal husbandry, farm bureaus, food banks and pantries, essential nutritional needs, home economics programs, restaurants, food stores, markets, and supplement stores

Promoting and supporting housing development and construction, low-income housing, retirement communities, housing for those with disabilities, housing assistance, homeless shelters, housing support, housing expense reduction support, bed and breakfast inns, temporary housing, homeowner associations, ADUs, and home improvements

Promoting and supporting community and neighborhood development, small business development, general community improvement associations and groups, both online and local neighborhood and community clubs

Educating individuals and organizations on the benefits of using cryptocurrency to build better businesses and enhance local and worldwide communities' growth and cooperation.

The TC ALLIANCE FOUNDATION focuses on specific areas

Programs encouraging interest and participation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Supporting programs that provide access to music, dance, visual arts, and other artistic disciplines.

Promoting environmental awareness and sustainability through educational initiatives.

Offering workshops and resources to help individuals manage their finances effectively

Providing information and resources on healthy lifestyle choices and disease prevention.

Farming and food production, nutritional and yield improvement.

Soil Enhancement for farms, orchards, vineyards, and greenhouses.

To promote sustainable, regenerative agriculture: Support initiatives that help farmers improve their yields and food nutritional content, diversify crops, and access markets, contributing to food security and rural development.



The TC Alliance Foundation helped this man in Nigeria get his first store, and the cashews to sell. We taught him how to use Cryptocurrency to do that. He will open soon when all ready.